Sir Henry Morgan

mmorgan Captain Sir Henry Morgan

Portrayed by: Myles Griffith

Henry Morgan of Penllwyn Sarth

Born: 1536, Llaurhymny, Monmouth, Wales

Died: 1603

Father: Rowland Morgan (Sir Knight)

Mother: Blanche Jones

Married 1: Catherine Kemeys

Married 2: Elizabeth Kemeys

Married 3: Eleanor Morgan

The Morgans of Penllwyn Sarth were a junior branch of the Monmouthshire family of Morgan of Machen, and were related by blood or marriage to several other members of this widespread Glamorgan and Monmouthshire clan, as well as to the Stradlings, Carnes, Mathews and other eminent local families. Not much is known of Sir Henry’s knighting, or that of his father and older brother. Coming as he does from a long line of sailors, Captain Morgan earned his living on the high seas or wherever the pay took him. He has a taste for swords, adventure, ships and, most importantly, cannons. He also has a jealous streak when it comes to his 3rd wife, Eleanor, and watches over her protectively, not taking kindly to anyone trying to invade his territory. He loves a good ale or fine spirits, often believing the day hasn’t started until you’ve had a pint or two to steady your sea legs. Like most of Her Majesty’s sailors, he has no love for the French or the Spanish though he does enjoying helping to relieve them of their cargo when they are sinking! He is not the famed Captain Morgan, though said pirate Captain descends from this family some 200 years later.